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Golf Lessons & Club Fitting

Lesson & Fitting Inquiries

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Private Lessons

30 Minutes


One Session  
Three Pack 

Five Pack

Eight Pack

        Juniors at a 10% Discount






On Course Playing Lesson

90 minutes - $150 (individuals only)


On course for 90 minutes under the supervision of one of our professionals. 

There is no set number of holes you will play during the session. This will depend on the topics which are covered. Such as, game assessment, course strategy, etiquette, speciality shots, rules situations or some club yardages.

These sessions are not designed for the professional to play, they are there to instruct. There will also be limited swing technique discussions during these sessions. Those are best suited for the practice range.

Yardage & Distance Gap Session

90 minutes - $150 (individuals only)

Lofts & Lies will be checked prior to the session.

Session will start with a golf ball fitting discussion.

A yardage chart will be developed based on your carry distances. We will start with your most lofted club.

All prices will GST added. 

Club Fitting




Are you looking to purchase new clubs?

We offer a wide selection of brands and models and will custom fit them to each individual.


Why would you use clubs that are designed for the masses, when you could get the most out of your game with a set specifically tailored for you.


Fitting is included with the purchase price of your equipment order.


          Multi Student Lessons

                2 students 45 min. / 3 & 4 students 60 Min.


                1 Lesson                  3 Pack


2 Students      $100 ($50ea.)    $285 (142.50ea.) 

3 Students      $135   ($45ea.)    $385($128.35ea.)         

4 Students      $160 ($40ea.)    $460($115ea.)              


                 Juniors at a 10% Discount 


To book a lesson or explore a fitting & purchase of clubs, please contact the pro shop at

250-785-5566 ext. 1 or though email using the form provided. 

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